Little Boy Bedroom

We needed to turn this BORING room into a lively boy’s bedroom! Here is a photo I took when we toured the house.


It was very plain and kind of boring. I knew it had potential. Even with those curtains. This home belonged to grandparents, so this was a room where kiddos only stayed sporadically.


I could have tidied-up before taking the “after” picture. But that would have been a lie, ha! Here is real-life, my dears.

We painted the trim in white, but left the windows in wood to add warmth to the room. Light fixtures can change the feel of a space for very little money. We got him this fun STAR LIGHT FIXTURE to give the room a playful feel. The HOLA sign is from Feather and Birch and can be found HERE. Oh, and we replaced the curtains ;).


We painted three walls in Naval by Sherwin Williams (my most favorite navy ever!) and did an accent wall in gray. I knew this wall needed something more. I wanted to create a space that would grow with him and still be cool years from now. So I whipped up some cool trees. He was thrilled with them and is hoping to have a Bigfoot peeking out from behind one soon. That is on my to-do list ;).


We love his bedroom trees so much that they inspired this Copper Corners wallpaper named TRAILS. We wanted every boy (or girl) to have a modern yet fun room, inspired by nature!

boy wallpaper

And with everything that I create, I aim for “timeless”. Trails works in a nursery, it works in a teen room, it works in an office. I purposefully created it to be contemporary with versatility in mind. If you are itching to update your space, you can find Trails HERE!

boy bedroom wallpaper

Thank you for coming by! I hope you find much inspiration every time you click on our website. Also, we love being shared! If you think a friend or family might find our site helpful, send it their way! We always look forward to creating great spaces with you.



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