I get asked a lot about how I started painting. Well folks, our little family had just moved to a new home and we had big empty walls. For a long time I searched and searched for something, ANYTHING, to fill them but nothing caught my eye nor my heart. Eventually I took matters into my own hands and went to the store to buy some paint and a canvas. This is how my cow was born. I created what I had been searching for. I would love to say that for years I studied and learned art at a prestigious and exclusive art school, but my reality is that I come from a long line of humble artists and it simply runs in my blood.

My art is greatly inspired by my upbringing in South America, where I was raised with a deep connection to nature, especially the animals. Painting began as a way for me to memorialize these sensory trips back in time. I paint the bees that freely pollinated the flowers of their choice. I paint the cows that roamed our sidewalks, blocking our car in the garage and making me late to school. I paint the moody pigs that napped under our neighbor’s mango trees. I paint the chickens that slept at night, snuggled in the trees. Each painting that I create is vibrant, colorful, textured, and intricately layered. Countless hours are dedicated to crafting each piece of art. I strive to portray a balance of realism combined with loose abstraction, causing one to compliment the other. My goal is for people to feel a connection with my paintings in a meaningful and unique way.