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Show us what you've got!


At Copper Corners, we are lucky to be a part of such a vibrant community of designers and creatives. It is every artist's dream to have their work in homes all over the world. So, here is your chance!!

For our inaugural Copper Corners Wallpaper design contest, YOU get a chance to create a wallpaper that you'd love to have in your own home. Send us the pattern and we will leave it up to our community to choose which design they love the most! The winning pattern will be turned into a wallpaper to be sold around the world on, with a percentage of every sale going to the artist.


How to enter


Check out this tutorial if you need a course on how to create a repeating pattern in Photoshop. Alternatively, if you have a design you think could make a great pattern but don't know how to do it, send it our way and we will see if we can make it repeat seamlessly. 

Our wallpaper designs are based on 24" x 24-36" patterns, so when making your pattern, create a 24" x 2 4-36" or 7200 x 7200 pixel image at 300 dpi. After saving your high-res version, create a low-res version to send our way for the voting gallery (low-res submission should be no larger than 15MB). Once the people have spoken and the winner is chosen, we will need the high-res version. Make sure to have it ready, or we will defer to second place!

Send your low-res design file to along with your full name, social media usernames and name of your wallpaper design. By e-mailing us your submission, you are giving Copper Corners Art permission to share your artwork on, Copper Corners Facebook and @CopperCorners Instagram, along with your social media username.  

We will contact the winner with terms and conditions for the reproduction of the work.  All other entries will be erased from our database once the contest ends.

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The best way for your designs to be seen is to SHARE THEM!

Multiple posts on all social media platforms, along with stories and links will get your work noticed and perhaps into the winners circle! Be sure to share beautiful photos of your pieces along with the inspiration behind it. Always make it very easy and clear for your friends, family & followers to know where they should go to vote for you.

When sharing on social media, be sure to tag us, @CopperCorners. By tagging us, we will see your post/story and possibly feature you on our Instagram and Facebook!

This is your chance. Make it count!!

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Originality - All designs must be the original artwork of the entrant. We will ask for proof of authorship from the winner!

Decency - We maintain the right to screen and disqualify any work that we or others may consider offensive. 

Submission limit - Four design submissions per person. 

Submission Deadline: Jan. 31, 2019, 11:59 EST