Rear Window - Layaway


Rear Window - Layaway

133.00 every month for 3 months

Your favorite paintings on layaway! No credit card bills and no interest. Just Rear Window, framed and headed your way after completing three low payments!

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Rich mustard yellow walls and bright flowers are just a minor part of the charm in this cat painting.

Brush strokes of heavy body gold and white paint are hand applied on this piece, making each one truly unique.

This canvas print measures 24x36”, including your choice of solid wood frame, and will arrive ready to hang right out of the box.

Each canvas is custom & hand made.

Canadian Shipping Estimates

There will be an additional fee of $19-$59 depending on the size of your new artwork.

Purchaser is responsible for any fees due at the border.

Outside of the US? You will receive a bill via e-mail for any additional shipping charges. Look below for estimates. Don't see your country? Click HERE.


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