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Don't Forget

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Don’t Forget those special occasions.

Canvas prints include an artisanal wood frame and arrive ready to hang, right out of the box. These pieces are hand embellished with heavy body paint for touchable texture and signed by Mary-Catheryn.

Each piece of artwork is made custom. Please allow 2-3 weeks.

Outside of the US? Click HERE for shipping info.

Fuera de los Estados Unidos? Haga click AQUI para envíos internacionales. Fora dos Estados Une? Clique AQUI para envio internacional.

©2018 Copper Corners Art, LLC

All rights reserved, including rights of reproduction and preparation of derivative works. Copper Corners Art is a registered trademark subject to copyright.

Canvas International Shipping Estimates | Estimado de Envío Internacional de Lienzo

24x24 (66x66cm)|  Colombia $69 | Argentina $69 | Brazil $69 | Paraguay $69 | Peru $69 | Portugal $49 | Australia $69 | Canada $29

24x36 (66x96.5cm)| Colombia $79 | Argentina $79 | Australia $79

36x36 (96.5x96.5cm)| Colombia $139 | Argentina $149 | Chile $189 | Paraguay $169 | UK $130 | Australia $125 | Canada $59 

36x48 (96.5x127cm)| Colombia $299 | Argentina $299 | Paraguay $299 |  Australia $169 | Canada $49

Purchaser is responsible for any fees due at the border.

El comprador es responsable por cualquier tarifa que deba pagarse en la frontera.

O comprador é responsável por quaisquer taxas devidas na fronteira.

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